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Safety critical applications are well known in the aerospace and railway industry, as well as in some industrial automation systems and are designed, developed and certified under the existing rules of safety and reliability, for that particular market.

Because of the tremendous growth of the availability of suitable electronic chips and tools it can be assumed, that safety critical systems will be realised in commercial mass applications in the near future.

An example for supporting that claim is the drive-by-wire technology for future car systems.

However, the mass application of such systems requires similar approaches in safety and reliability as known from space industry. But in the opposite to the space industry, commercial mass applications are a low price segment which demands for additional challenges to establish the required safety and reliability.

Exactly here can ifatos act as an solution provider. Designing Fault Tolerant Computer solutions for reliable and safety critical systems is our domain.

Who We Are And About Our Abilities

ifatos GmbH & Co. KG has developed a concept to transfer the Fault Tolerance Technology from space to commercial and industrial applications, without being a competitor to existing companies development resources.

ifatos is holder of all necessary licences from space industry to do this.

ifatos is founded by Gerhard Urban and Jörg Wiese from Wiese Signalverarbeitung GmbH. Both, the comprehensive knowledge of Fault Tolerance from Gerhard Urban, combined with the long time industrial experience in signal processing and FPGA programming of Jörg Wiese makes the power of ifatos to bring the Fault Tolerance Technology into safety critical commercial & industrial applications.